One of the reasons why most people choose to withdraw from social situations is the fear of humiliating themselves. They fear that they might say something stupid and might get questioned or, worse, laughed at. They also feel uneasy entering a social situation where they have nothing substantial to say.

Does this sound familiar to you? Do you feel this way most of the times?

If this is the reason why you avoid social situations, then the key to banishing the fear is to build your self-confidence and improve your self-esteem. Here are some practical ways on how you can transform the way you carry and believe in yourself and boost your confidence!

  1. Stop the negative self-talk.

Banish the negative self-talk and be kinder to yourself. Think of all the positive things about you, and appreciate the qualities that you like about yourself. Practice positive affirmations and build yourself up. Stop deprecating yourself, and start appreciating what a wonderful person you are.

  • Focus on yourself and not about impressing others.

It is important that you see yourself in a positive light. Soon, other people will see you the way you see yourself. If you keep labeling yourself as boring, then other people will receive that vibe coming from you and they may actually start to think you are boring.

Don’t worry about appearing interesting to others. Instead, try to be someone whom you find interesting. If you are interested in your thoughts, your ideas, and yourself, the right people will be drawn to your positive energy.

  • Communicate confidence through body language.

Being sociable isn’t always about what you say; it also matters how you present yourself through your movements.

Stop slouching, stop looking down on the floor, and stop fidgeting. All these movements give away how nervous you are. Instead, look at people whom you think are really confident and try to emulate their body language.

  • Read, read, and read.

Reading can help you prepare for socialization. It will give you interesting topics to talk about when you start a conversation with a boss, colleague, a hot date, or strangers in the bus stop.

Reading the newspaper is a safe way to stock up on topics that most people will find interesting in most social groups. Current events in the local community and even in the global scale are things that most people have something to say about.

  • Acquire new skills.

By continuously learning, you are adding more knowledge and information to yourself that you can use as a weapon when social situations arise. Whether it’s technical knowledge or soft skills, developing new skills will boost your confidence and promote growth and transformation that would benefit you in life and career.

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