Corporate training is critical to the success of your business. Your manpower is responsible for all your important business activities. Helping them increase their knowledge and improving their professional skills can produce great results. A well-designed training that addresses employees’ needs can increase their professional skills, efficiency, and motivation, which will keep them happy at work and reduce your manpower turnover. These benefits will only boost your business.  

Learn With Seanz specialises in corporate training that will increase the potential of your workforce. We customise our training and offer a range of professional development services to suit the needs of different work environments. Our training approach involves finding the right solution for your unique training goals and applying the results to your real work situation. We have a team of experienced industry-focused trainers who are experts in creating training programs designed to engage your staff and improve the productivity of your organisation.   

Our Training Approach

To meet your organisational needs, we customize programs based on the assessment we do with regards to your organisation’s readiness for change and identification of the gaps between the existing and desired level of performance of your staff. The program will try to bridge the gaps in their current knowledge, skills, and attitudes against what’s needed to meet your organisational goals.

Types of Corporate Training We Offer

Depending on your goals for your staff, we design programs that will let them gain business skills and help them advance their career.

Onboarding of New Employee

We can design programs to let new employees learn and adopt the corporate culture, values, and strategy, let them learn their roles in their positions, and be able to work independently. This type of training manifests the company’s concern for the employees while making them feel comfortable and become productive faster.

Compliance Training

Mainly focused on company policies or rules that enable employees to prevent violations of laws and problems in the workplace, compliance training can include workplace safety, anti-harassment and diversity training programs, data protection, and business ethics.

Competency Development

It can involve hard skills or soft skills training. Hard skills training helps employees to improve the technical skills they need in their job role. Soft skills training is concerned with how employees behave and interact. We have flexible modes of training including instructor-led training in the workplace, online, at our facility, or through a combination of methods. We have dozens of online courses and have a rich source of materials and resources that are all intended for your success.

 Measuring Success/Performance Management

We have a closed-loop process. At the completion of the training, we will guide you in measuring the impact of the program and how your effort and investment has paid off. 

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