We have many years of experience organising events that we offer, consisting mainly of training programs, seminars, conferences, both person-to-person or virtual through online. We also have a pool of talented staff and expert resources at our disposal to be able to host and organise big events.

Partner With Us

If you are planning on organising events for your company, you can avail of our services for these occasions. You can make us your partner by collaborating with us in all the activities necessary to conduct your corporate events. By choosing us to work with you, you avoid the worries associated with the planning, logistics, and execution of your important activities. We guarantee the success of our joint endeavour and worry-free event execution. We can make arrangements for the following projects and coordinate their successful organisation:

Corporate Event

We have vast experience with corporate events; we understand what it takes to organise one for your company. Let’s discuss what your requirements and expectations are and we’ll take care of the rest. We can mobilise our resources to ensure the success of your important activity.


Conferences are one of our mainstream businesses. We’ll plan any conference and carry it out for your company with the same efficiency and professionalism that we accomplish it.


Our experience has allowed us to encounter all kinds of hitches in public and private seminars we have completed and overcome all of them. We can let you have the same smooth and professional execution of your company seminars. We can likewise provide not only the material resources but persons who are subject experts for your learning sessions.

Team Building

Team Building is a popular course we offer. You can let us know your team objectives so we can design and carry out the training session complete with both classroom learning and practical, real-world exercises. 


If you need to hire new talents in your company or assess candidates’ competence and suitability for a higher level of responsibilities, we can provide a critical evaluation and recommendation of qualified personnel.  

Podcast Guesting

Similar to live seminars, we can provide the expert resource you can feature in one of your online podcasts to attract a bigger audience.   

Why Collaborate With Us?

Learn with Seanz has the competency in the smooth and successful organising of your company events. We are a professional company with many years of training and consultancy engagements with businesses. You can tap our expert resources on any subject or field to enhance the knowledge and skills your workforce needs. By collaborating with us, you can devote your precious time to more productive activities for your business.

Know more about our services and how we can help you ensure a successful event for your company by contacting us.