At Learn With Seanz, anyone can be an affiliate partner and earn commissions simply by promoting the services that we offer on your website, blog, or social media pages. By becoming an affiliate, we’re not only giving you a chance to earn extra income, we’re also giving you an opportunity to help others level up their skills and accelerate their career.

Why Join Our Affiliate Program?

As an affiliate partner, below are some of the many benefits you will gain by promoting our services.

  • It’s easy to join.

No complicated contracts. No sign up fee. Simply join our affiliate program for free and start earning commissions. For every successful transaction coming from your affiliate links, you will get a percentage of the sales.

  • You earn commissions.

With our affiliate program, you can earn extra cash simply by promoting our services and referring potential clients to sign up for a coaching package or an online course. The more you refer, the higher the commissions you get.

  • Experience powerful tracking.

Our affiliate system comes with an easy-to-use, intuitive dashboard that generates affiliate links fast and tracks referral successful accurately. You can be sure that all your promotion efforts and activities are safely tracked.

  • Help others learn new skills.

Aside from enjoying a passive income, affiliate partners are given the opportunity to help and empower other people to develop new skills, acquire new knowledge, and accelerate their career.

How It Works

Getting started is so simple. Follow the steps below and start earning extra income right away!

STEP 1: Apply.

Sign up to become an affiliate partner. We will review your details and send you a notification once you’ve been approved.

STEP 2: Log In.

Once approved, you can now login to our Affiliates Dashboard and start generating links and banners.

STEP 3: Promote.

Embed these affiliate links and banners on your blog, website, and social media pages.

STEP 4: Earn.

For every successful transaction at Learn With Seanz coming from your affiliate links, you earn commission. The more you refer, the higher the commission you will get.

Sign Up Now!

If you are interested to become and affiliate, sign up now and start promoting our coaching services and online courses. We look forward to working with you!