About Us

Empowering Learners, Empowering You

LearnWithSeanz is a learning, coaching, and education platform catering to learners around the world. Founded by a professional coach and leadership advocate, this online learning hub is designed to transform traditional education, eliminating the barriers of accessibility, cost, and technical requirements.

At LearnWithSeanz, we partner with individuals, schools, and companies to promote growth and learning as part of personal and professional transformation. We help learners develop new skills and acquire new knowledge to help them reach their goals and achieve their greatest potential. Whether they are looking for a new job, striving for promotion or career advancement, or exploring new interests, our courses and learning packages are designed to empower our learners to transform their lives and create a better and brighter future.

Our Vision
To be the leading education platform that provides growth opportunities to individuals, offering access to cutting-edge online/offline courses and learning tools that benefit students throughout the world.


Our Mission
To be a catalyst for change, growth, and transformation. To help individuals and organizations access learning opportunities that focus on skills development, career advancement, leadership, and success.

Our Values

At LearnWithSeanz, we live by the following values:


We take advantage of modern tools and technology to deliver new knowledge to learners and students. We continue to look for smart and modern ways to introduce new ways of learning.


We believe that everyone deserves the right to learning. That’s why we provide an accessible portal where students at any learning stage can acquire new knowledge that will help them achieve success.

Big Thinking

We care about you and your future. We strive to transform education in a way that is fun, flexible, and easily accessible. Through our learning hub, we aim to inspire individuals, organisations, and the world to continuously grow and thrive together.

Professional Coach You Can Trust

Your Facilitator

Seanz Ho

Leadership Advocate